Welcome to the STOP dengue research programme.

This website provides an overview of our research activities. Interested potential study participants can find out more about ongoing clinical studies and contact us for more details. We welcome enquiries from interested potential research collaborators.

For latest updates on Singapore's dengue epidemic, please visit the NEA website.


STOP dengue research goals and objectives


The goal of the STOP dengue research program is to overcome major gaps in the treatment and management of dengue through the translation of our research findings through the following:

  1. Create a world centre of excellence for clinical studies and management of dengue diseases.
  2. Establish a centre for clinical trials of small molecules and therapeutic antibodies to all four serotypes of the dengue virus.
  3. Elucidate the pathogenesis of dengue disease and identify new biomarkers for prognostication of dengue diseases for therapeutic monitoring.
  4. Develop a new strategy to disease control using state-of-the-art epidemiology and full-genome analysis.


We aim to target zero death from dengue infection in Singapore adults, through:

  1. Prevention of dengue transmission through entomological control.
  2. Early diagnosis & prognosis through identifying those at risk of poor outcomes from dengue by better diagnostic and prognostic tools.
  3. Clinical management to improve management of dengue illness through evaluation of current therapeutic strategies and development of new ways to treat dengue.